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Middle East and Islamic Studies are where it all began when our Company was founded in 1983. For over a generation we have been publishing the most topical debates and vital new research on these rapidly changing areas. Our list brings together general and academic books on the history, politics and cultures of this fascinating and varied region, combining the latest critical thought with accessible introductions for a wider audience. As a result, we are considered the foremost publisher on these subjects. We cover the area loosely termed ‘the Middle East’, but also explore the wider Islamic World from the villages of Indonesia to the banlieue of Paris. Our numerous publications on Sunni, Shi’i, Ismaili and Sufi traditions reflect our deep commitment to an exploration of the Muslim experience. We welcome any opportunity to consider books on this ever more complex area of study.

Iradj Bagherzade | Chairman & Publisher

Sophie Rudland | Editor, Social Sciences

Rory Gormley | Editor, Literature and Linguistics


  Iradj Bagherzade

Iradj Bagherzade

Sophie Rutland

Sophie Rudland


Rory Gormley

New Releases: Middle East

The Kurds of Syria: Political Parties and Identity in the Middle East

The Kurds of Syria
Harriet Allsopp

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