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Interfaith Studies & Religious Traditions

Medieval Heresy: The Church's Struggle for Orthodoxy and Survival
Inferno: A Cultural History of Hell
The Humanist Principle: On Compassion and Tolerance
The Humanist Principle: On Compassion and Tolerance
Christianity and Monasticism in Aswan and Nubia
The History and Religious Heritage of Old Cairo: Its Fortress, Churches, Synagogue, and Mosque
The Devil: A New Biography
Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
Fundamentalisms: Threats and Ideologies in the Modern World
Christianity and Monasticism in Middle Egypt
Religion: Antiquity and Its Legacy
Making Spirits: Materiality and Transcendence in Contemporary Religions
A Concise History of Early Christian Heresy
Fundamentalism in the Modern World: Fundamentalism and Communication: Culture, Media and the Public Sphere: v. 2
Religion and Popular Music in Europe: New Expressions of Sacred and Secular Identity