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The Silk Road - China and the Karakorum Highway: A Travel Companion
Where Hornbills Fly: A Journey with the Headhunters of Borneo
Seven League Boots: Adventures Across the World from Arabia to Abyssinia
Rome on the Euphrates: The Story of a Frontier
Lost and Found in Russia: Encounters in a Deep Heartland
First Russia, Then Tibet: Travels Through a Changing World
The Wandering Lake: Into the Heart of Asia
To Peking: A Forgotten Journey from Moscow to Manchuria
The Silk Road: Ten Thousand Miles Through Central Asia
Under the Dragon: A Journey Through Burma
Mongolia: Travels in the Untamed Land
Visions of Mughal India: An Anthology of European Travel Writing
Indian Balm
The Golden Horde: From the Himalaya to the Mediterranean
Road to Katmandu
Turkestan Solo: A Journey Through Central Asia