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Classics & the Ancient World

The exciting paradox of classical studies is that a discipline which engages with the ancient past is now increasingly progressive in its ethos. In recent years classicists have pioneered some of the most innovative scholarly approaches across the humanities, even as they maintain their traditional interests in the languages of antiquity, particularly Latin and Greek. Our Classics list aims to represent these forward-looking trends within the subject. For example, we are especially engaged in reception studies, and in the various ways the classical world has been appropriated by later eras – encapsulated in series like New Directions in Classics and Ancients and Moderns. Our strengths in the history of Persia and the ancient Near East lead to focused comparative work in the fast-moving fields of empire, imperialism and colonialism, with a strong focus on how different ancient civilizations – as well as classics and culture, in their broadest sense – interact.

New Releases: Classics & the Ancient World

African Americans and the Classics: Antiquity, Abolition and Activism

African Americans and the Classics
Margaret Malamud

Military Leaders and Sacred Space in Classical Greek Warfare: Temples, Sanctuaries and Conflict in Antiquity

Military Leaders and Sacred Space in Classical Greek Warfare
Sonya Nevin

The Horse in the Ancient World: From Bucephalus to the Hippodrome

The Horse in the Ancient World
Carolyn Willekes

New Directions

New Directions in Classics

Showcasing the writers currently setting new agendas within the subject.

Ancients & Moderns

Ancients and Moderns

How can classics and antiquity illuminate critical issues in the modern world?

Understanding Classics

Understanding Classics

Introducing the outstanding thinkers of antiquity to modern readers.

Catalogue: Classics & the Ancient World

Classics & the Ancient World – 2018 (download)

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Key Series: Classics & the Ancient World