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I.B. Tauris Introductions to Religion

In recent years there has been a surge of interest in religion and in the motivations behind religious belief and commitment. Avoiding oversimplification, jargon or unhelpful stereotypes, I.B.Tauris Introductions to Religion embraces the opportunity to explore religious tradition in a sensitive, objective and nuanced manner. A specially commissioned series for undergraduate students, it offers concise, clearly written overviews, by leading experts in the field, of the world’s major religious faiths, and of the challenges posed to all the religions by progress, globalization and diaspora. Covering the fundamentals of history, theology, ritual and worship, these books place an emphasis above all on the modern world, and on the lived faiths of contemporary believers. They explore, in a way that will engage followers and non-believers alike, the fascinating and sometimes difficult contradictions of reconciling ancient tradition with headlong cultural and technological change.

Buddhism: An Introduction
Christianity: An Introduction
Confucianism: An Introduction
Daoism: An Introduction
Hinduism: An Introduction
Islam: An Introduction
Jainism: An Introduction
Judaism: An Introduction
Sikhism: An Introduction
Zoroastrianism: An Introduction


'More than the usual kind of humdrum introduction... Strongly recommended'
Robert A Segal, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen

'Just what busy teachers and students need: a batch of high-quality, highly accessible books by leading scholars that are thoroughly geared towards pedagogical needs.'
Christopher Partridge, Professor of Religious Studies, Lancaster University

'Whether we have a faith commitment or not, it is more important than ever that we try to understand the nature of religious belief, and how this belief impacts on the world in which we live. I.B.Tauris Introductions to Religion is a series that offers students of religion something fresh, intelligent and accessible. Without dumbing down the issues, or making complex matters seem more simple than they need to be, the series manages to be both conceptually challenging while also providing beginning undergraduates with the complete portfolio of books that they need to grasp the fundamentals of each tradition.'
John M Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education, University of Birmingham

'I.B.Tauris' recent An Introduction series to the major world religions and belief systems are among the most useful and well written for students up to undergraduate level.'
The Bookseller

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