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War Between the Turks and the Persians: Conflict and Religion in the Safavid and Ottoman Worlds
Rulers of India: The Early Indian Princes
The Foreign Office Handbooks: The Middle East
In Search of the Labyrinth: The Cultural Legacy of Minoan Crete
A Short History of Christian Spirituality
Building the Labour Party: The Politics of the Left in Early Twentieth Century Britain
The Hidden War in Argentina
Jewish Morocco: A History from Pre-Islamic to Post-Colonial Times
Thailand: Crisis Nation
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels
A Short History of the Korean War
Voices of Jihad: New Writings on Radical Islam
Warriors of Anatolia: A Concise History of the Hittites
Creating and Resurrection: An Early Muslim Perspective on Divine Unity and Cosmology
A Short History of Ancient China
Turkey, the US and the EU: The New Foreign Policies
Only Trade Works: Commerce Not Conflict
Radicalisation in Belgium and the Netherlands: Narratives of Violence and Security

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