BAFTSS Best Book Prize 2016

29/04/2016 17:27:00

BAFTSSCongratulations to Helen Piper, whose book The TV Detective: Voices of Dissent in Contemporary Television is the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) 2016 Best Book Winner.

The award was announced at the BAFTSS Annual Conference, 14 April 2016.




Comments by the panel:

'This is a riveting read, sometimes waspishly amusing, adept and flexible in its approach, and always sharp. There is a wealth of solid media history on display here. Helen takes that most familiar of figures, the British TV detective, and argues for his and her cultural significance. In fact she makes a case for the wider significance of television in the nation’s psyche. Whether addressing modes of social realism or melodrama, Helen makes her case with admirable poise.'

'A really interesting and finessed project that argues for the importance of the British popular TV detective genre as a way to think about and critically read wider aspects of contemporary national identity. The use of media history work alongside analyzing popular case study examples is synthesized well together, producing a highly engaging and lucid account.'

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