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IB Tauris Awards at Symposia Iranica

21/04/2017 00:00:00

I.B.Tauris were delighted to present two awards of £100 vouchers at the Symposia Iranica, held in Cambridge last week, to the following deserving winners:


I.B.Tauris Prize for Best Paper in Modern and Contemporary Iran
WINNER: Anahita Hosseini Lewis / Neo-Nazism in Iranian Cyberspace
HONOURABLE MENTION: Shekoufeh Behbehani / Sex Change Operations in Iran: Liberating or Limiting?
HONOURABLE MENTION: Siavash Rokni / The Rock Music Scene in Iran: Cultural Hybridity as an Expression of Political Annunciation  
I.B.Tauris Prize for Best Paper in Post-Antique Iranian History
JOINT WINNER: Peter Good / Silk, Ships and Shiraz Wine: The Evolution of the East India Company’s Farman in Persia 1622-1747
JOINT WINNER: John Latham / Shadow of Anushirvan: The North Caucasus in Medieval Iranian Sources
HONOURABLE MENTION: Robert Steele / Costly Mistake or Valuable Investment? Evaluating the Economic Effect of the 2500th Anniversary Celebrations






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