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Two New Books on the Tudor Court From Lauren Mackay

17/05/2017 00:00:00

Among the Wolves of Court: The Untold Story of Thomas and George Boleyn by Lauren Mackay

As recently announced in The Bookseller I.B.Tauris have signed two books on the Tudor court in the age of Anne Boleyn from historian Lauren Mackay. 

Due to popular demand, we will now publish Among the Wolves of Court: The Untold Story of Thomas and George Boleyn first on 17th May 2018 - the anniversary of the execution of George Boleyn. 
Among The Wolves of Court introduces Anne Boleyn’s father Thomas and brother George, often underplayed figures at Henry’s court, lifting the lid on their rise as highly skilled ambassadors and courtiers who negotiated their way through the complex and ruthless game of politics.

Joanna Godfrey, Senior Editor at I.B.Tauris said ‘Thomas and George Boleyn have been left on the margins of history for almost 500 years but Lauren’s book will bring them centre-stage. We are very excited to be working with Lauren on this book and we are delighted by the level of interest in this project’. 

Lauren Mackay said: ‘I have been researching Thomas and George Boleyn for over a decade, and I am thrilled to be working with I.B.Tauris to bring these lesser known stories to life.’ 

Lauren’s second book Thunder through the Realms: Foreign Power and Intrigue in the Tudor Court will publish in spring 2019.  

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