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We aim to capture the excitement and vivacity of philosophy as it is taught and studied within philosophy departments, and as an increasingly integral facet of other subjects in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Covering ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary eras, our rapidly-expanding list encompasses the rich philosophical traditions of the Eastern and Western worlds, and engages with both continental and analytic schools of thought. We welcome books which provide scholars, students and general readers with cutting-edge scholarship, essential resources and engagingly-written, provocative new perspectives on this dynamic, discursive discipline.

New Releases: Philosophy

Inventing Peace: A Dialogue on Perception

Inventing Peace
Wim Wenders, Mary Zournazi

Hegel and the Art of Negation: Negativity, Creativity and Contemporary Thought

Hegel and the Art of Negation
Andrew Hass

Ethics of Visuality

The Ethics of Visuality

An original argument on the place of visuality in Levinas' ethics. More...

Practical Aesthetics

Practical Aesthetics

Jill Bennett's radical account on the value of aesthetics to contemporary society. More...

Simone Weil

Simone Weil

Lissa McCullough's introduction to the key concepts of Weil's religious philosophy. More...

New Encounters

New Encounters

Rejuvenating theoretical and art historical approaches in visual culture. More...

Inventing Peace

Inventing Peace

Wim Wenders has made two films to accompany the release of Inventing Peace. More...

Thinkers Reframed

Contemporary Thinkers Reframed

Dazed by Deleuze? Confused by Kristeva? These guides provide the perfect introduction.