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Environmental History and Global Change

This important new series provides a much needed forum for understanding just how and why our environment changes. It shows how environmental history – with its unique blend of geography, history, archaeology, landscape, environment and science – is helping to make informed decisions on key environmental concerns and providing crucial insights into the mechanisms that influence environmental change today. The focus of the series will be on contemporary problems but will also include work that addresses major techniques, key periods and important regions. At a time when the scale and importance of environmental change has led to a widespread feeling that we have entered a period of crisis, the Environmental History and Global Change Series provides a timely, informed and important contribution to a key global issue.

Series editor: Professor Ian Whyte, Department of Geography, University of Lancaster

Advisory Board:

  • Kevin Edwards, University of Aberdeen
  • Eric Pawson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Christian Pfister, University of Berne
  • I. Simmons, University of Durham
  • T.C. Smout, University of St Andrews
  • Harriet Ritvo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Dictionary of Environmental History
Cities: An Environmental History
Crimea and the Black Sea: An Environmental History
Geoarchaeology: The Human-Environmental Approach
Seeds of Empire: The Environmental Transformation of New Zealand

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