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Series Editor: Anthony Downey

I.B.Tauris and Ibraaz Publishing are pleased to introduce an exciting new book series: Contemporary Visual Culture in North Africa and the Middle East. Focusing on historical and global contexts, this series will examine the current production, reception and dissemination of visual culture within the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Ibraaz is the leading online critical forum for contemporary visual culture in the Middle East and North Africa. Contemporary Visual Culture in North Africa and the Middle East will maintain current scholarly accounts of developments in the region and draw upon the immediacy of work by internationally renowned and emerging academics, writers, artists, museum directors, curators, activists and film-makers. Whilst recent events have given topical purchase to debates about the perceived role of culture during a time of revolution and crisis, books in this series will seek to ground these discussions in the historical conditions that have informed contemporary cultural practices and the institutional contexts out of which they have emerged over the last two decades.


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