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Idea of Iran

Published in Association with the Soudavar Foundation

Charting over 1000 years of history, the Idea of Iran series offers a significant new appraisal of one of the most fascinating, but also (at least in the West) relatively little known, of the great civilizations of antiquity. Comprising six substantial volumes, the series explores the empires which have shaped the culture of Iran.

Series editors: Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, the British Museum, and Sarah Stewart, SOAS, London

Birth of the Persian Empire: Vol. 1
The Age of the Parthians
The Age of the Seljuqs
The Rise of Islam: Pt. 4
The Sasanian Era
  • The Sasanian Era

  • Edited by: Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, Sarah Stewart
  • Hardback£41.50 | $85.00

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