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Policy Network

Policy Network

In an era of globalisation and European integration, the distinction between domestic and international politics has become blurred. This increasingly complex interplay presents profound challenges for the practice of politics in Europe today.

This innovative series responds to the fundamental governing dilemmas of the modern world. It bridges the worlds of politics, governance and academia to offer a unique set of books covering the key challenges of our times – from immigration to European integration and from social policy to economic security. The authors and contributors are leading authorities from the world of politics, policy-making, research institutions and universities. Together they provide an important new perspective on the most significant political issues facing Britain and Europe in the twenty-first century.

Policy Network is a London-based think tank and an international network for political research and debate.

Europe's Immigration Challenge: Reconciling Work, Welfare and Mobility
Governing Britain: Power, Politics and the Prime Minister
Progressive Politics After the Crash: Governing from the Left

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