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The Early and Medieval Islamic World

Published in collaboration with the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean


As recent scholarship resoundingly attests, the medieval Mediterranean and Middle East bore witness to a prolonged period of flourishing intellectual and cultural diversity. Seeking to contribute to this ever-more nuanced and contextual picture, The Early and Medieval Islamic World book series promotes innovative research on the period 500–1500 AD with the Islamic world, as it ebbed and flowed from Marrakesh to Palermo and Cairo to Kabul, as the central pivot. Thematic focus within this remit is broad, from the cultural and social to the political and economic, with preference given to studies of societies and cultures from a socio-historical perspective. It will foster a community of unique voices on the medieval Islamic world, shining light into its lesser studied corners.

Series editor:

Professor Roy Mottahedeh, Harvard University


Professor Simon Barton, University of Exeter
Dr Amira Bennison, University of Cambridge
Professor Farhad Daftary, Institute of Ismaili Studies
Professor Simon Doubleday, Hofstra University
Professor Frank Griffel, Yale University
Professor Remke Kruk, Leiden University
Professor Beatrice Manz, Tufts University
Dr Bernard O’Kane, American University in Cairo
Dr Andrew Peacock, University of St Andrews
Dr Yossef Rapoport, Queen Mary University of London

Building on I.B.Tauris’ recognised expertise in Middle East studies and history, the series will re-assess old assumptions and publish the next generation of innovative scholars. Titles in the series will join our list in being marketed globally, including at conferences across the world. Each book will be subjected to a rigorous peer-review process and will be published in hardback – with bespoke packaging and full-colour cover – and, simultaneously, as an e-book.

For more information, or to submit a proposal for inclusion in the IBT series, please contact:

Rory Gormley, Editor, Middle East Studies


Writing History in the Medieval Islamic World: The Value of Chronicles as Archives, Fozia Bora
Famine and Civil War in Fatimid Egypt: ‘The Great Crisis’ and its Impact,
Rachel Howes
Gypsies in the Medieval Islamic World: The History of a People,
Kristina Richardson
Music and Musicians in the Medieval Islamic World: A Social and Cultural History,
Lisa Nielson
The Eastern Frontier: Limits of Empire in Late Antique and Early Medieval Central Asia,
Robert Haug
Female Sexuality in the Medieval Islamic World: Gender and Sex in Arabic Literature,
Pernilla Myrne






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